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How do professors teach?

The faculty at FESE consists of European university lecturers and practitioners as well as US-guest professors.

By that FESE offers a solid, European - multi-cultural education. This is a result of the integration of business managers into the faculty as well as the integration of guest professors who bring the Anglo-American world into the classroom.

A professor at FESE is fully responsible the course content and working with his/her team is responsible for the success of the course. The course finals, and results which include the final exam.

This requires that all courses and course contents are prepared by the professor of the course, that the professor working with his/her team is in close personal contact with the students.
This means that the student can contact the professor at any time for assistance on subject content, help for examination preparation and personal problems.
This concept which projects the anonymity of the students, runs throughout the studies period like a red thread.

Knowledge in order to be able to optimally offer self study, study methods specialization, development of personality, and team aptitude of the students FESE has selected its professors taking into consideration these responsible tasks. Almost all professors prior to their appointment with FESE, were university lecturers in Europe and/or experts in their special fields.

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