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Advantages of a course of studies FESE?

Since FESE is trying to establish itself in all European countries it will be made possible for the students to study Business Administration in Europe at "close range".
The studies with FESE are designed to develop executive responsibilities, world receptiveness and open-mindedness. Whereas the studies will take place in two additional European countries so linguistic and sociocultural competence will be acquired.
The study fees are adjusted to the purchasing power of the respective country and are deemed socially compatible.
Aid in the form of credit financings in limited (Germany) study fee scholarships conditional to performance can be granted.
The studies can be concluded with specialization in many fields of study such as Management, Accounting, Marketing, etc.

As a result of the cooperation of FESE with selected US-Universities the study achievements with FESE (credit points) are fully accredited by the US-Universities so that it is possible, following corresponding specialization and an additional study stay in the USA to obtain the US degrees Bachelor, Master, Specialist (DBA) and PhD in Business Administration.

The studies with FESE are drafted pursuant to a practicable course system: Every course consists of an block, a resident lecture block and a seminar block.

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