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Who is studying at FESE?

Since FESE is designed European as well as cosmopolitan it pays particular regard to the freedom and equality of the individual. It does not discriminate against anybody because of his/her race, color of skin, origin, gender, age, religion, past professional activities and financial situation.

The study structure is drafted in such manner that it gives due consideration to the personality and pursuit of the individual students waiving discriminating admission regulations as well as a rigid and tight educational system but prefers a transparent admission process which emphasizes flexibility and differentiation of the study structure with a modular set-up of the courses of studies.

Because of the cooperation with business enterprises and Institutes the students can learn the limits of performance and opportunities in the profession and can be encouraged to actions of their own.

In addition to offers for subject specific education and continuation education there are also opportunities to learn about interdisciplinary intercultural education and personality development.

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